Photos That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked on Your Wedding Day

So many details and special moments will happen on your wedding day!


From the moment you begin getting ready, you can tell your story through your wedding photos. Each moment has its own special value, and capturing them is a great way to keep that special feeling close, every time you flip through your photo album!

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While there are obvious points in your big day that are very important to capture, such as you and your partner reciting your vows, there are many small moments and details as well. There can be a lot of beauty found in the simple details, such as a hug between you and your maid of honor before you walk down the aisle, or your mother helping you with your veil. These events, although simple, are just as important as any other, and actually provide so much more personality to your wedding story.

Here at Krista Lee Photography, as Nashville wedding photographers, we understand how important it is to ensure that no detail goes uncaptured on your big day! That’s why we have put together a few wedding photos that should not be missed within your collection.

  • Your Ceremony Setting

    Whether you have dreamed about the exact details of your grand walk down the aisle for years, or have only recently decided on a theme, it still took a lot planning. From a petal lined aisle, to a whimsical, floral trellis, there are many details that make up your stunning wedding ceremony setting. When planning your ceremony, each and every detail was picked with care. Many times on your wedding day you forget to go look at all of the details because you are so busy getting ready and visiting with friends. Having your photographer capture the ceremony setting, before your guests arrive, is a great way to ensure that every perfect detail is forever preserved.

  • Moments with Your Bridal Party

    Your wedding day will be filled with formal photos of you and your family lined up with a smile on your face. When trying to tell your story, it’s important to include natural photos of you and your wedding guests. The same goes for your bridal party! Capturing candid moments can be just as special as the formal photos.

  • Traditions & Exits

    There are wedding traditions as old as time, and many of these are still followed today. With so many wonderful traditions, capturing those that you and your partner choose to follow is another great way to show off your unique love story. Lighting unity candles, the first dance, the festive bouquet and garter tosses; these are all traditions that should certainly be photographed on your big day!

Every wedding should be uniquely captured! These are just a few photos that you won’t want to miss out on photographing when it comes to your own big day.

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Are you ready to have your own nuptials captured by a wedding photographer in Nashville, Tennessee? If so, please contact us here at Krista Lee Photography, as we would love the opportunity to help you preserve your most precious memories!

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