I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, where in high school I started to develop a love for photography. In college, my parents bought me a film camera and I began torturing all of my sweet friends by making them be models for my "photo shoots". Somehow, they all still remain good friends to this day, even after I took a lot of awkward not-so-good photos of them. Haha!

I eventually went back to school for photography and then studied with National Geographic photographer Joe McNally to hone my skills. Soon after that, I opened a full-time photography studio at Marathon Village in downtown Nashville, where I worked with many high-end clients and celebrities.

After getting married and starting a family, my husband and I decided I needed to slow the pace a bit. Trying to manage a full-time studio downtown while raising a family proved to be a little too overwhelming. I made the difficult decision to let go of the lease on the studio and started to focus on wedding photography.

It turns out that I absolutely love shooting weddings. Not only do I get to witness amazing moments and meet so many great families and people, it’s also a fun challenge for me: it’s totally different every weekend. I do my absolute best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the process and with your wedding photos, and I take my job very seriously. If bright, happy, timeless wedding photos are what you envision for your day, I'd love to chat with you! 

Random Facts


• Any Will Ferrell movie (or any really dumb slapstick humor!)

• Fluffy animals, especially our German Shepard pound pup, Bernadine

• Shopping (which I never seem to have time for with two little kids in tow, but that's okay) :) 

• Jesus! 

• My babies (Well, they're not babies anymore technically.... buuuuuttt I'm pretty sure for the rest of their lives, I will call them "my babies". I'm sure they'll love me for that in high school.)


• Being stuck in traffic

• People chewing loudly in a very quiet room (makes my blood boil just thinking about it)

• Coffee. I just never have been able to drink a cup and think, "Man that was good!" Something is clearly the matter with my tastebuds