About Krista Lee

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I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and I started to develop a love for photography in high school. After my parents bought me a film camera, I began torturing all of my sweet friends by making them model for my "photo shoots". Somehow, they all still remain good friends to this day, even after I took a lot of awkward not-so-good photos of them. Haha!

I eventually went back to school for photography, and then studied with National Geographic photographer Joe McNally to hone my skills. After running a full time studio for years, I decided to slow the pace a bit and start focusing on wedding photography.

I’m a wife, a momma of two spunky kiddos, and a dog-mommy to one furry rescue dog. On days off, you’ll find me in yoga pants hanging out with my family, at church or the gym, or outside at my son's baseball games!

Random Facts


• Any Will Ferrell movie (or any really dumb slapstick humor!)

• Fluffy animals, especially our German Shepard pound pup, Bernadine

• Shopping (which I never seem to have time for with two little kids in tow, but that's okay) :) 

• Jesus! 

• My babies (Well, they're not babies anymore technically.... buuuuuttt I'm pretty sure for the rest of their lives, I will call them "my babies". I'm sure they'll love me for that in high school.)


• Being stuck in traffic

• People chewing loudly in a very quiet room (makes my blood boil just thinking about it)

• Coffee. I just never have been able to drink a cup and think, "Man that was good!" Something is clearly the matter with my tastebuds