Frequently forgotten items to bring to your wedding day

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a quick post about some items that people frequently forget on their wedding days. I have photographed hundreds of weddings over the past decade, and there are many things that are frequently overlooked or forgotten. I know you have a lot to remember on your big day so I thought I’d make a quick list of things for reference!

Bride and groom dancing at Carnton Plantation Franklin TN

Here’s a list of the most frequently forgotten items on a wedding day:

  1. Pretty hanger for your dress. You know that gorgeous photo you want of your dress hanging up? Many people don’t think about the fact that the dress shop sends your dress home with an un-photogenic wire + cardboard hanger. Panic sets in when brides take it out of the bag only to realize that they hate the way the hanger looks. I try to bring extra pretty hangers with me, but if I’m not your photographer (or if you’d like to pick one out yourself) be sure to bring a pretty hanger with you! You can get a standard hanger like this, or a more personalized one off Etsy.
  2. Steamer / Iron. Dresses are typically steamed when they leave the shops, but being packaged and transported usually results in a lot of unforseen wrinkles. Be sure to bring a steamer along (an iron can work, but normally is too hot for chiffon and other common bridal dress materials!) I’d also recommend doing a test run with it at home (or better yet, recruit a bridesmaid/family member to be in charge of it) as many people have trouble using it properly once at the wedding (and then don’t have time to read the instructions).
  3. A second set of comfortable shoes. Those beautiful shoes you bought to walk down the aisle can unfortunately be your worst enemy on your wedding day! Of course you don’t spend any time breaking them in, because you want them to be perfect and clean. What unfortunately ends up happening is after 30 minutes in those gorgeous heels, your feet are KILLING you and you’re ready to scream! Being in pain is not a goal for your wedding day, LOL– so do yourself a favor and bring a comfy pair of flats or sneakers to swap into!
  4. Scissors and a little sewing kit. Many people forget that their dresses will still have tags and straps that may need to be snipped before walking down the aisle, so throw a pair of scissors in your bag! Also, getting into these fancy dresses with itty bitty zippers and lots of layers can sometimes be challenging– so having a little sewing kit handy never hurts! Pick one up at your grocery store in the utility aisle.
  5. Lip gloss, deodorant, breath mints or gum, snack. It seems obvious that you want to look, smell, and feel good on your wedding day! But because many brides have their hair and makeup done, they forget to bring some basics. Lipstick and gloss wears off quickly so bring some extra from home for touchups. (Gloss can make a huge difference in photos so that your lips look shimmery, not chapped or cakey)! Deodorant is a must have with a layered wedding dress and all of the stress, but many people forget to bring it. Many people also bring mints or gum and a toothbrush to make sure their breath is as fresh and clean as possible. Lastly, don’t forget some yummy snacks! From the time you start hair and makeup until dinner can be a long stretch. Nobody likes to be “hangry” LOL so be sure to have some great snacks on hand. It could make a big difference in your mood!

    Have something that you forgot on your wedding day? Drop us a comment below!

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