First-Look Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day


A first-look moment on a wedding day is certainly something to cherish! Smiles, nervous laughs, tears of happiness; there are so many beautiful emotions that will be showcased as you and your partner lay eyes on one another for the first time on your big day!

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However, you can experience these wonderful emotions more than once on your wedding day, as there actually a few first-look photo sessions that you can take part in.

I love capturing such heartfelt photos! That’s why, here at Krista Lee Photography, I have gathered some first-look photos that you can capture on your own wedding day. If you are all set to take in some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Festive Photos with Your Bridesmaids. You can add a celebratory appeal to your collection of photos by having a first-look photo session with your bridesmaids! Even though they most likely will already know what your dress looks like, and they will be with you as you are getting all dolled up, they haven’t seen you as a bride just yet. So, once they lay eyes on you for the first time, you can take in the excited emotions that they will showcase.
  • Heartfelt Photos with Your Parents. Your parents have raised you, and they are now giving you away on your big day to begin your new journey in life. By having a first-look photo session with them, you can capture the heartfelt emotions that they will express. Smiles and tears of happiness are sure to be showcased as they lay their eyes on their little girl for the first time as a bride. These photos will certainly be ones to cherish!
  • Romantic Photos with Your Partner. We can’t forget the most well-know first-look photo session, which would be the one you will want to capture with your partner! After all, it’s your big day, and this intimate photo session will certainly allow you to capture some romantic images. So, know that even though you see your partner every day, the moment that you lay eyes on each other for the first time on your big day will be a whole new experience! Therefore, the emotions you both present should certainly be preserved through photography!

By taking part in first-look photo sessions, you can add a great deal of emotion to your wedding photo collection! These are just a few first-look moments that you won’t want to miss out on capturing on your own wedding day.

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If you are ready to book your own Nashville wedding photographer to capture your wedding day, first-looks and all, please contact me here at Krista Lee Photography. As a wedding photographer in Nashville, Tennessee, I would be more than thrilled to capture your once in a lifetime celebration.

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