2018-2019 Autumn and Winter Color Palettes for Weddings

Autumn and Winter Color Palettes For Weddings

As the summer season has ended and fall is in swing, brides feel the pressure to complete the plans for late autumn and winter weddings. Countries, customs, and traditions are different, but many things are alike. Before you can begin selection of flowers, paper products, the venue, and in some cases, the menu; you must decide on your colors and what will be in for the 2018-2019 autumn and winter season.

2018-2019 Wedding Color and Palette Trends

There are several color “families” that are being favored for the upcoming seasons. Remember for a wedding, a color does not always have to be the perfect  match. Sometimes using two similar colors with a slightly different hue works beautifully.

Here are the autumn and winter wedding colors that you can expect to see:

  • Smokey blue
    • Ink blue
    • Navy or deep blue
    • Steel blue
    • Blue-gray
  • Gray
    • Smokey gray
    • Frosted gray
    • Charcoal gray
  • Burgundy
    • The reds for this year are deep and sultry
    • Burgundy
    • Deep red
    • Plum
    • Rust
  • Green
    • Jade
    • Clover
    • Peacock
    • Very dark forest green
    • Note: stay away from Kelley green or Christmas green
  • Purple- The beautiful thing about purple is carries so many hues that you literally go from pastel lavender to the deepest black/purple. Purple looks stunning with a full bloom bouquet of white or if you’d like a very rich toned wedding, pair it with a bouquet that has leafy greens and burgundy florals and deep purple berries. Magnolias, fully bloomed roses and orchids also look perfect against purple.

You can brighten or deepen the colors with accessories. A lace shawl will bring a bit of color. Also, select shoes that are lighter. Gray, bone, cream, or even clear will lighten the look if you are going for early autumn. For modern colored wedding palettes, you do not want to accessorize with silver. Stay with lace, crystals, gold, cream, or ivory.

Bride’s Dress

We have seen a recent trend toward dresses that are not blazing pure white in color. Especially for fall and winter weddings with deep hued palettes, a stark white dress can sometimes look out of place. We love the trend toward softer, more subtle beautiful fabrics. Candlelight as a dress color is stunning for fall. Soft creme in a lace or flowy sheer fabric is gorgeous for winter and fall. If you’re on a budget and looking for a beautiful dress for less, we love these affordable casual wedding dresses made by Azazie. We especially love Addy and Ember.


Once you have chosen your colors, you have more options to consider. The flowers, the invitations, reception decor, men’s tuxes and bridesmaid’s dresses. A current trend is to do mismatched dresses in different fall jewel tones. Or the bridesmaids can wear the same color, but you can allow them select their own gown as long as the colors are the same. You can ask them to follow particular rules such as:

  • The dresses cannot show cleavage
  • There can be no backless gowns
  • Gowns can be tea length or longer, etc.

Also keep in mind that when it comes to fabric, a different material can make the same color look different. So be sure to order swatches or view the fabric in person! 


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