Wedding Portfolio

 Oh how we love weddings! From the smallest of details (a little blue heart sewn into the lining of your dress) to the look on your groom's face when he sees you for the first time (not a dry eye in the house!), we love the happiness and emotion of the day. We tailor the experience to each of our couples, and we specialize in capturing your day in a beautiful and photojournalistic way. Krista has been shooting weddings professionally for over 12 years, and has photographed hundreds of couples. Because of her level of experience, there are not many situations you can throw at us that we can't handle. We are extremely comfortable with both digital and film, natural light and artificial lighting (very important for night and reception photography, or inclement weather). We do our best to be professional, friendly, and provide amazing images... but we also want to help you every step of the way. We are experts in post processing so we can help you select final finishes that truly capture how you felt when you looked down the aisle and into his eyes.