Photo of photographer Krista Lee and family Nashville TN


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the Internet. I'm so happy that you’re here!

I have the best job in the world! I have been a professional wedding and portrait photographer for fifteen years now. In that time, I have shot hundreds of weddings, thousands of portraits, and many celebrities in my busy career. Myself and my team try to do the best job possible for every customer we work with. We love our clients like family, and do our best to deliver amazing photos whether it’s for your wedding, portrait session, or a simple headshot.

Our style is bright, happy, and timeless. We capture gorgeous moments of laughter and love as they happen. The way your fiance looks at you, the way your baby holds your hand oh-so-tightly, your dad’s face when he sees you in your wedding dress… Those are the moments that we are blessed to witness and capture every day.


About me:

"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.." Wait a minute... I've officially worked way too many wedding receptions (and I think that song is permanently etched in my head after hearing it oh, 5 million times!) Haha! ;-)

I did grow up in a fairly small town in Illinois, where in high school I started to develop a love for photography. By college, my parents bought me a film camera and I began torturing all of my sweet friends by making them be models for my "photo shoots". Somehow, they all still remain good friends to this day, even after I took a lot of awkward not-so-good photos of them. Haha! I eventually went back to school for photography and then studied with National Geographic photographer Joe McNally to hone in my skills. Soon after that, I opened a full time photography studio at Marathon Village downtown Nashville for 7 years, where I worked with many high end clients and celebrities. 

After getting married and starting a family, my husband and I decided I needed to slow the pace a bit. Trying to manage a full time studio downtown and raise a family proved to be a little too overwhelming. I made the difficult decision to let go of the lease on the studio, and instead started to focus on wedding photography.

I absolutely love shooting weddings. Not only do we get to witness amazing moments and meet so many great families and people, it also is a fun challenge for me every weekend. Never knowing what the weather will be, and many other variables make shooting weddings a very fun challenge that I thoroughly enjoy. I do my absolute best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the process and with your wedding photos, and I take my job very seriously. If bright, happy, timeless wedding photos are what you envision for your day - I'd love to chat with you further! 

Photo of Nashville wedding photographer Krista Lee and family


A few randoms about me:


• Any Will Ferrell movie. Or any really dumb slapstick humor.

• Fluffy animals, especially our German Shepard pound pup, Bernadine. 

• Shopping (which I never seem to have time for, since our two little kiddos - but that's okay) :) 

• Jesus. I mean really. He gave it all -and I will be forever grateful and in awe!

• My babies. Well, they're not babies anymore technically -buuuuuttt I'm pretty sure for the rest of their lives, I will call them "my babies"...... I'm sure they'll love me for that in high school.


• Being stuck in traffic

• People chewing loudly in a quiet room (makes my blood boil just thinking about it. What is with that???!!!)

• Coffee (I know, I know... WHAT is the matter with me??) I just never have been able to drink a cup and think, "Man that was good!" Something is clearly the matter with my tastebuds.